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Hardwood Instal


Whether you choose a pre-finished or decide to have your dream floor custom milled unfinished, Carpet Caravan’s crews know the first key to a superior install is letting the wood acclimate to the home. Once acclimated our crews can install the floor in numerous techniques from standard to herringbone to parquet, and more. To customize your floor even further you can incorporate borders, inlays, accents and matching vents.  Carpet Caravan will create a floor reflective of your personality and sense of style.


Here at Carpet Caravan, our professional carpet installation is always top-notch no matter the size or intricacies of the work. From patterned stairways, custom sized area rugs to wall-to-wall carpeting in residential or commercial applications. We can re-bind your area rugs, repair, or re-stretch your existing carpeting. Our installers provide a wealth of experience with many years in the flooring industry.


Carpet Caravans flooring experts have the training, tools, expertise, and experience to complete any installation of Luxury vinyl plank, tile, and sheet vinyl flooring. Our installers possess one of the more specialized talents of heat welding and coving sheet vinyl flooring. With these skills our installers can incorporate design elements and color accents. In addition to offering a virtually seamless floor that can be installed anywhere.


For refinishing your floor, we will sand down to remove any damage, the existing coat, and prep the surface area to receive the new coat of finish. Once the floor is ready, we can apply the finish you have selected to achieve an entirely new look. Finishes Carpet Caravan use are all top of the line tried-and- true products ranging from water-based polyurethane, oil based, to wax. To give your floor a rustic or antique look Carpet Caravan can even hand-scrape and distress the boards, adding character and charm to the wood.


Though laminate installation is fast, easy and often times tempting for the DIYers, you may find a professional installation more appealing for peace of mind and guaranteed results. Carpet Caravans installers are exclusively trained in the latest techniques to install laminate, and committed to providing fast and reliable service. We are confident that they will exceed all your expectations.


Our window treatment installation service provides professional window treatment installers that can install any type of blinds, shutters, shades, or draperies. No job is too big for Carpet Caravan's team of installers to handle. Whether it be a large hotel, or a small Dr's office,our installation standards are superior to our competition. 

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