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About Us

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Frank Flores owns Carpet Caravan. He started the company in 1989, with the innovative idea of taking the flooring store in a van to his customers’ homes.

From day one, Frank has run his business the same way he lives his life – with hard work, honesty and fairness.

Doing business that way, it’s no wonder that the company grew fast. To the point that he needed to build a brick-and-mortar store. Now Carpet Caravan can offer its customers the wide range of flooring options available today.

And having that store means that many times we have the flooring you’re looking for in stock. Right now. So you can buy today. And your family can be living on their new flooring tomorrow.


Frank runs his business the same way he lives his life

– with hard work, honesty and fairness.

The Team


The team who knows everything about flooring.

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Frank, Frankie, Joe, Andrea, Jesus, and Alex.

Our team makes it their business to know flooring.

And they know it.


Together they’ve been in the industry more than 100 years.

So when you visit Carpet Caravan, you’re with the best. Whether you’re buying carpet for the first time or the 57th time, you know our team is on your side. We take pride in giving our customers exactly what you need…not what we want to sell to them.


That’s how we roll.


You'll find everything you need.

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Our huge showroom allows us to show you dozens and dozens of options. We’ve created a friendly place where you’re invited to browse through the choices while being helped by some of the best in the business.


We’re at 414 Adams in Monterey. Stop in. Put a couple samples on the floor, kick off your shoes and see how they feel underfoot.

And when you make a decision, more likely than not we’ll have the material on hand. And you’ll have it in your family’s home tomorrow.

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