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Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner is a specially made quality cleaner designed with nourishing properties which cleans, then quickly closes the pores of your Nu Oil® hardwood floor to protect against dirt and penetration of liquids. All products are natural, organic and VOC neutral, leaving no film on top of the wood.

Regular cleaning of your Nu Oil® hardwood floor is performed by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment on a canister vacuum. Routine maintenance and cleaning is done using Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner. Also available in Gallon Sizes.

• Always make sure your Nu Oil® hardwood floor has been vacuumed clean and free of dirt and debris before applying Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner.

• Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner should always be shaken well before using.

• Simply spray the Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner onto your oiled hardwood floor and clean in sections using a terry cloth boot mop.

• Allow the floor to dry for 15 — 20 minutes before walking on it.

• As needed, reapply Nu Oil® Natural Cleaner to help restore the richness and beauty of your oiled hardwood floor.

• Use Nu Oil® ReNu to refresh Nu Oil® finish every 4 months

Collections that Use Nu-oil

• Organic Solid Hardwood
• Crestline Solid Hardwood
• Organic Engineered 567 Hardwood
• Alta Vista Engineered Hardwood
• Ventura Engineered Hardwood (Oak Only)
• Novella Engineered Hardwood (Oak Only)
• True Engineered Hardwood


General Maintenance 


1. Use Hallmark cleaning products Exclusively:
Our cleaners are designed to clean and maintain Hallmark Floors flooring products. The cleaner is dependent on which finish your flooring has.

2. Do not use unauthorized maintenance products:
Such as oil soaps, paste wax, or other cleaners containing , lemon oil, citrus oils, Tung oils, ammonia, or cleaners containing silicone. Do not use two in one cleaners that contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss. Use of these products invalidates the product warranty.

3. Pets:
Keep nails well trimmed and paws free of dirt, gravel, grease, oil, and other staining agents. Wipe up pet urine and waste to prevent stain damage to wood.

4. Regular Maintenance Dust Removal:
Dust and allergens are easily removed with canister vacuum and soft brush attachment. Removal of dust and grit with regular vacuuming removes these abrasive agents for good long term performance of the floor. The brush should be replaced as needed to prevent scratching of the floor. Perform as needed (average in normal household is weekly) NOTE: Do not use treated commercial dust-mop or treated dust pads of any kind as they can contain petroleum based solvents that can leave a chemical residue on the floor.

5. Clean Up All Spills:
Spills can be cleaned up with a moistened, well wrung out soft cloth or sponge. Once the spill is removed, spray Hallmark Floors Cleaner on clean, moist, towel to remove all remaining residue. All spills must be cleaned up immediately to prevent damage to the floor.

6. No Wet Mopping/Steam Cleaners:
Do not use string mops, sponge-mops or steam cleaners to clean a Hallmark Floors.

7. Unauthorized Maintenance Products:
Do not use two in one cleaners or polishes that may contain acrylics or urethane. These products will damage the finish and invalidate the factory warranty.

7. Dent/Scratch Prevention
Wood flooring is susceptible to dents and scratches. Cloth glides must be applied to chair and furniture legs. Double barrel coaster wheels should replace hard rubber or metal wheels.

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