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Vinyl Floors, also called Resilient, come in three forms they are plank form, tile form, and sheet form.  Technological innovations have led to literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from and options workable for any budget. Through these innovations brings the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market today. Vinyl floors are known for their easy care and cleaning, and being generally wear-resistant. 

Vinyl Planks are meant to mimic the appearance of hardwood floors without the cost. Vinyl Tiles consist of individual squares of varying size that when assembled resemble natural stone. Sheet Vinyl is single rolls of either 6- or 12-foot widths limiting the number of seams within an area, because of this sheet vinyl is a great option for high moisture areas.


When visiting Carpet Caravan’s showroom, you’ll find a selection of vinyl from a variety of leading manufacturers bringing you the widest selection available.

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